ET Ausstattung

We redefine the term “ET bearing”

The constant expansion of model ranges and shorter model life cycles have pushed your storage capacities to their limits? Long distances in the warehouse and confusing distribution of spare parts burden your employees and the workload in the workshop? Especially abroad, where deliveries of goods do not arrive daily, a well sorted and structured warehouse is of utmost importance.

We offer you individual solutions for your business, from modernizing your existing warehouse to restructuring it into a “high-density warehouse” to planning and setting up a new warehouse. Together with your current manufacturer or the leading manufacturers of shelving systems, we develop a plan tailored to your floor and also assist you in moving the warehouse while at the same time ensuring your service operations.

With our experience gained in various projects worldwide, we can show you ways to optimize your ET infrastructure.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Assembly of automotive workshop equipment by our trained employees or our competent partners worldwide.
  • Advice and training of your technicians in new technologies and new equipment.
  • Our logistics department ensures fast worldwide dispatch of everything from small spare parts to the complete equipment of a new workshop.
  • We can also help you quickly and easily with regular maintenance and repairs of all kinds on your equipment and machines.

Staff training

The training of your personnel secures your investment and ensures that all operating resources are used optimally and are always available. We offer you to have your technicians on site at your equipment to schools to ensure your expected return on investment.

“A diploma in my pocket or a vocational training certificate in my hand and then never study again.” Whoever thinks like that has already lost – because….” Knowledge is power and technology never stands still”.

“Learning is like rowing against the tide, once you stop, you drift back.”