Beratung Werkstatt

We look beyond our own nose into the future

The situation in the service area is constantly changing. Today the customer has the choice to do his service in the car dealership or at the independent workshop. We help you to apply your strengths optimally to the customer and to exploit potentials to the greatest possible extent.

From the acceptance of the appointment to the handover of the vehicle after the repair and the “Follow Up Call”, we analyse your internal processes and develop solutions together with you on the basis of key figures to make your service more efficient and customer-friendly. Clear structures and hierarchies ensure that everyone in the company knows and carries out their tasks. This is the only way to ensure that every customer receives the best service with optimal profitability of the workshop.

You define where you want to edit free potentials. CSI, workshop utilization, warranty, service marketing or productivity. Individually we determine with you the best ways to achieve optimal results and to make your company fit for the future.

We optimise your processes during ongoing operation with the least possible strain on your workshop personnel, so that no drop in sales occurs for you.

Describe your situation and we will be happy to contact you with a sustainable strategy.

Our services include:

  • Create clear structures in the company so that every employee knows his tasks precisely defined.
  • Evaluate the customer base, identify free potentials and improve the utilization of the service area with a common strategy.
  • Identify and use the company’s strengths, identify possible opportunities for improvement and offer solutions.

Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers

  • Competitive advantages by keeping pace with rapid developments
  • Evaluate and accelerate new developments
  • Use specialist knowledge for corporate development and save time by working efficiently at the same time

For the employee, however, the following aspects count:

  • Fulfilling new professional requirements through technical progress
  • Self-realization at work and in private life
  • Improving career opportunities by standing out from the crowd and preventing job losses
  • A look beyond one’s own nose